Wednesday, May 29, 2019

[ComboTool] Nulled Combo Tools Cracked

[ComboTool] Nulled Combo Tools Cracked

Combo Tools List :

1 - Sort Combo A-Z
2 - Anti Duplicate (Full)
3 - Anti Duplicate (Email)
4 - Parse Combo (Delete LQ Lines)
5 - Split Combo (Lines)
6 - Combine Combos (Multiple)
7 - Filter Combo by Email Domain
8 - Full Combo SPA ! :D (1 to 4)
9 - Extract Combo Lines (For Non Combo Files)

0 - AntiPublic Checker (Credits to AZATEJ :D)

[Checker] VYPRVPN Brute | Fast & Captrue

[Checker] VYPRVPN Brute | Fast & Captrue

Support Proxy Type HTTP/S|Socks4|Socks5

[openBullet] 700 OpenBullet Config Working

700 OpenBullet Config Working 2019/5/29

Proxyscrape v1.1 For Cracking High Socks4,Socks5,HTTP/S

Best Proxy Tool Support Socks4,Socks5,HTTP/S FAST AND High For Crackers
Very fast proxy checker made by WolfCrawler it can check http proxies, Socks4 proxies and Socks5 proxies.

[NEW] Woxy 3.0 Checker Showing all posts

Name: Woxy 3.0
   +Creator: [unknown]
   +Cracked and Leaked: Crack sx
   +For: Email Access Combo...
   +How it works: It checks for email access combo, login to valid accounts, Check for the things you are searching for. Example: Netflix config, it searchs for Purchase Confirmation  Emails from Netflix and Capture them.
   +REQUIREMENTS: Email Access Combo
   +Additional Information: Includes with 100 Configs.

SQLi Dumper Pack (All Available Versions)

hi,It was always hard for me to find a clean SQLi Dumper around there
So today I will share you all of the SQLi Dumper Versions 
And i will you will be happy
 download file:

Sunday, May 12, 2019

[Accounts]X96 Spotify Accounts Premium 2019

Hello to all friends

I put my spotify Premium account today on my blog


[OPENBULLET] + Capture 2019

I have put the origin configuration for all members of the blog
No need for proxy
High speed on crack

download link:


At the request of blog members
I put this configuration
Has been tested

download link:

[BlackBullet] Config + Capture 2019

Today I set this configuration to all members of this channel
Hope you enjoy
This configuration has not been made by me

 Download link:

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Package Configs for Storm Config 2019

Today I put this package for all members of the channel
Hope to use
Storm program configuration list
Configuration number:464
If the configuration you want is not in the list, send me a message


[TOOL] SNIPR v3.4.1.4 Cracked download link

Hello to all
Today I introduce one of the most famous crackers on the blog
This cracker has been cracked version for my blog users
You can buy the original version of it
This version of the program has malicious viruses and I warn you to use it only on the RDP

link download:

Package Configs for SNIPR 2019

Today I put this package for all members of the channel
Hope to use
SNIPR program configuration list
Configuration number:269
If the configuration you want is not in the list, send me a message

Wednesday, May 1, 2019 Database - Leaked, Download!

Hello TO ALL,
Today I have uploaded the BlackHatProTools Forum Database for you to download for free, thanks for reading and enjoy!

On the 7th of September 2018, the black hat forum Black Hat Pro Tools had around 110k users' data breached.

Compromised data: Usernames, Email Addresses, IP Addresses, Passwords (vBulletin)